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Notes for Survival in the Wilderness
(or, A Wild Rose Can Be Eaten Raw)

Eva Hooker

"This is a wisdom-book, unparaphrasable wisdom. We are impelled to try to tell our souls how to survive, but find that such wisdom is contained in nearly indecipherable gnomic fragments. What we need must be plucked from fire: 'Diffidence toward inward kind is a form of courtesy, / a disposition which // prevents that malady, even sin, of eating fire / out of your own chimney'. Every line of this book, refined by fire, moves toward 'A solitude / square with the world.' I admire Eva Hooker's severe, pure, beautiful book tremendously."

-Frank Bidart

Notes for Survival in the Wilderness, First Edition, 22 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket featuring art by Margo Hoff, ISBN 978-0-977840-91-5, $14.00

Previously Published

  Against Certainty

Against Certainty features work by 24 poets from the San Francisco Bay Area who have been active in Poets for Peace readings. Founded in the 1990s during the Balkan wars, Poets for Peace raises funds for humanitarian work in the U.S. and abroad. In the past several years, regional activists have hosted more than a hundred Poets for Peace readings across the country in support of human rights and relief organizations.

Contributors: Kim Addonizio, Stephen Ajay, Francisco X. Alarcón, David Alpaugh, Yehuda Amichai, Ellen Bass, Dan Bellm, Chana Bloch, Ruth Daigon, Lucille Lang Day, Molly Fisk, Sandra M. Gilbert, Dana Gioia, Forrest Hamer, Jane Hirshfield, Lynn Knight, Chana Kronfeld, Dawn McGuire, Toni Mirosevich, C.J. Sage, Ruth L. Schwartz, David St. John, Susan Terris, and Andrena Zawinski.

Against Certainty, First Edition, 32 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket, ISBN 1-931498-34-2, $14.00

Jody Gladding

“Poppies, kale, sorrel, apples, persimmons . . . like Medea gathering the necessities for her transforming potions, Gladding gathers into these austere poems the things of this earth and the silences surrounding them. . . . they sing in unsettling, unpredictable ways.”

—Laurie Scheck

Finalist for the Book of the Year award from the Vermont Book Professionals Association
Artichoke, Jody Gladding: 16 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket, ISBN 1-890132-92-6, $14.00

Out of print.

Read more from Hayden Carruth about Louise Katz
Louise Katz

This is an intensely memorable book. Even in its “persona” poems, you believe every word. Its reticence is as sophisticated and daring as its sudden candor. Only the best poets manage what Lou Katz has done here, to make poems that seem at moments unmediated. For days I’ve been calling up friends and reading them these poems.

—Frank Bidart

Most of the poems are achingly sorrowful, but at times her tone changes to wryness and even humor. Her language is as small, quiet, and expressive as breezes in the pines.

Lou Katz is a new voice in American poetry, a delightful one. In effect, we are already obligated to her for her work and her example. We must welcome her cordially and pay attention to her from now on.

—Hayden Carruth

Isobar, First Edition, 28 pages, 6 x 9, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket, ISBN 0-9778409-0-5, $14.00

Musica Humana
Ilya Kaminsky

“Passionate, daring to laugh and weep, direct yet unexpected, Ilya Kaminsky’s poetry has a glorious tilt and scope. His art is worthy of his two countries, and of the poet who is his subject as well as his guiding spirit in Musica Humana.”

—Robert Pinsky

“In Musica Humana, Ilya Kaminsky writes . . . poetry is the self/–I resist the self, and so in its place, this remarkable poet becomes a citizen of the Republic of Psalms, and writes his history of snow, his inventory of wonder, and out of more than one silence pays homage to his beloved makers, Mandelstam and Akhmatova, while becoming their unanticipated heir. Kaminsky is more than a promising young poet; he is a poet of promise fulfilled. I am in awe of his gifts.”

—Carolyn Forché

“What a glory Musica Humana is, all the depths and outer reaches of a human heart sung and spoken into visible existence. It’s a poem I wish I’d written, full of weeping and laughing and clapping and howling. It reaches far back into collective human imagination and charges our present historical moment with a great sense of destiny. I will read it again and again.”

—Li-Young Lee

Musica Humana, First Edition, 32 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket featuring a photograph by Daniel Powers, ISBN 1-931498-32-6, $14.00.

One Another
Jim Schley

“I like these poems immensely. What Schley has done is to reinvent the ode, especially in the nine poems for the muses. Prosodically he’s discovered an odic tone, grave but graceful, imaginatively objective. It’s extremely effective, and it tokens a very large degree of literary depth and experience.”

—Hayden Carruth

“Quite simply, the most beautiful book of poems I have ever seen.”

— Christopher Merrill

One Another, First Edition, 32 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with dust jacket featuring a photograph of a sculpture by Eric Boyer, ISBN 1-890132-50-0, $14.00

Secret Address
Wyn Cooper

Wyn Cooper’s superb postcard poems, deft and exemplary, say just enough, and never too much. Their clarities and their mysteries travel hand in hand, their feet raise the clean sound of gravel from the world’s outer and inner roads.

—Jane Hirshfield

Secret Address includes a photographic portfolio by Vermont photographer Eric Slayton.

Secret Address, First Edition, 24 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket featuring a photograph by Eric Slayton, ISBN 1-931498-33-4, $14.00

The Winter Keeper
Eva Hooker

Minnesota Book Award Finalist

“Here every word is weighted, measured, chosen with the care that renders it fit for the damask of Eva Hooker’s lapidary art. Plain American downrightness shaking hands with surrealism – whatever makes ‘antinomies of fit & obligation’ into what we need, ‘a house deep enough to live in / in the coldest season.’ Begin with What They Said in the Avon Quik Mart, then read The One Man Rocking There. This is a memorable, eloquent debut.”

—Frank Bidart

The Winter Keeper, First Edition, 32 pages, hand-sewn chapbook with jacket featuring art by Margo Hoff, ISBN 1-890132-93-4, $14.00